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Check yourself to make sure that you are always connected to your truth! It’s a fact that lawyers have lots of responsibilities and they tend to put their clients first. But, we have to remember that besides our knowledge, we have to consider our energy. Nobody else can tell you where you belong, where you can find silence to recharge your energy, where you can be content with yourself.

First, we need to pay attention to ourselves to give the best of ourselves to our practice. We need to be in peace with ourselves so that we can make peace in our relationships with others. 

You start your day by thinking about what you have to do. You wake up and the first thing on your mind is how to manage everything you’ve planned before the day is over. But you forget an essential thing: that your primary concern isn’t your duty, but yourself. You are the element on which the success in achieving your daily plans depends on. You are the one who makes your daily schedule possible. It isn’t enough to mentally visualize it, you also need to be there physically to make everything you think of happen. 

That is why you have to check yourself, see what state you’re in, how you can function at your maximum. A simple exercise that I find helpful is to observe how I feel every morning before I start any activity. Maybe I feel joy, or maybe I feel sadness. I may feel more, or less, energetic. Sometimes I’m happy without any reason, other times I’m at peace with myself and everything around me. Some days I’m full of enthusiasm. These are momentary states, it doesn’t mean that they won’t change throughout the day.

But here I want to focus on the importance of being aware of what we feel. This could affect our productivity and also the relationships with others, respectively our clients, our colleagues and our family. 

In case you don’t really like your state, try to accept it by first being aware of it. If you can do that, you’ve already reached a point where the transformation can happen effortlessly. Sometimes you need support to unplug yourself from old patterns and behaviors. This is what I‘m doing in my coaching sessions, I help lawyers to change their old patterns and replace them with new, healthy patterns. This is a simple strategy that helps to change your state.

Knowing what state you’re in, you’ll find it easier to accept what you feel. Otherwise, you will unconsciously feel discomfort caused by an unpleasant sensation, even without knowing where it comes from. You can often blame others because you’re too quick to find their defects, to nitpick their behavior. It is a desire that belongs to a part of you, usually, an unpleasant one, which wants to be acknowledged and accepted. If you don’t acknowledge it, it will demand its due, or it will find somebody outside of you who will acknowledge it, attracting situations and people who will generate this acknowledgment.

 For example, if you were disappointed in a certain situation and you didn’t accept it, you will find yourself in another disappointing situation, precisely to remind you that the feeling may have been forgotten, but it didn’t disappear at all. That different part of you wasn’t accepted. You will keep attracting that sort of situation until you learn your lesson. But, lawyers have not time to go so deeply, by themselves, through this process. For this reason, I give you 3 tips that will help you to imagine better the relationship with yourself. 

  1. Decide. When you decide that you are committed to yourself, then you will start paying attention to yourself. 
  2. Check yourself every time you feel a state of inner discomfort. It’s always caused by something within you, not by others. Nobody bears the guilt for what you feel. 
  3. Ask yourself every day, in the morning, what is good for you and what your needs are just then? Collaborate with yourself! Ask: How can I enjoy life differently today? Or, how can I be productive today without stress? _______________________________________________

Being committed to yourself reminds you that first, you are a human being that has needs. Secondly, you are a lawyers. It helps to accept your different responsibilities, this time toward yourself and not your clients. When you first, committed to yourself, you will notice how the clients will notice you first, trusting you more and validating you more. 

Something inside of you will tell you that you’re drifting apart from yourself, from your own truth. Only when you are committed to yourself, you can connect to your own person, to your own truth. Only then you will make conscious choices for yourself and your clients, in harmony and toward success.

 Coaching can really help you to reach your goal.

It gives you discipline, which enhances your productivity. You have to remember, commitment leads to action.

If not now when?

If not you, who?

You have to be committed to yourself before you can truly expect to commit to your clients. Trust yourself that you can do it and take action now!

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