We are here for you.we provide coaching tO individuals,                groups, and LAW FIRMS tO                             keep you elawvated. 


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We are here for you. we provide coaching tO individuals,groups, and LAW FIRMS tO keep you elawvated. 


Everyone needs support, and lawyers are no exception. In our private sessions, we support your personal growth, provide professional mentorship, and partner with you to remove mental and emotional blockages so that you can unlock your full potential.

This is the roadmap that will act as a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be. We will help you stay accountable and step into your unique power so that you can experience greater financial growth, clarity, and wellbeing.


What is eLAWvation COACHING?

It is the key to unlocking the potential of attorneys and law firms.

It is all about helping attorneys to identify and define their specific goals, and then organize themselves to attain these goals. It’s about building an individual’s skills from awarenessacceptancevalidation, communication, and decision making. To find balance.

The coach works with clients to achieve speedy, increased, and sustainable effectiveness in their lives and careers through a specific organic process.


The coach’s sole aim is to work with the attorney to achieve all of their potentials – as defined by them.

Behind this definition, there are six critical principles which help differentiate coaching from some other similar disciplines:

Principle 1.  The client is resourceful. The client has the resources to resolve his or her problems. Only the client knows what to do because only the client knows the full story, and only the client can implement the action and live with the results. The coach’s role is to develop the client’s resourcefulness through skillful questioning, challenge, and support.

Principle 2. Coaching addresses the whole person – past, present, and future.

Principle 3. The client sets the agenda. That is the difference with teaching. There is no set agenda with coaching. The process is organically developed by both parties’ dynamics.

The coach invites the client to discover and own the intimate experiences they had that were out of their awareness so that they could make new decisions about them.

Principle 4. Space is safe and confidential!

Principle 5.  The coach and the client are equals. The coach and the client work together in a partnership of equals. The model is a colleague to colleague, adult to adult. It is based on total respect. There is no space for judgment!

Principle 6. Coaching is about change and action. Clients come to coaching because they want something to change. Mainly they want to be more productive, and the core purpose of coaching is to close the gap between potential and performance. The role of the coach is to help them to unlock their potential to elawvate themselves and their practice.

More Values

The eLAWvation Coaching values have, as its base, this profoundly spiritual core, a belief that all lawyers are valuable but can achieve more, loving and growing their practice, and still have a life. The pain experience often comes from how attorneys experience their behaviors, emotions, cognition, and expectations. When invited to discover these aspects of their internal experience, as well as their spirituality and the yearnings it produces that give positive possibilities, attorneys can often change through their whole intrapsychic to live more in the present through their positive life energy.


         “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

Behind every successful person is a dedicated coach who elawvated them to greatness.

eLAWvation Coaches  – we are committed to helping you love, grow, achieve.

We’re here, we understand, and we will guide you to where you want to be.


When is the right time for coaching?

Imagine three years from now, nothing has changed. 

A part of you wants to grow, but a part is sabotaging you. (fear, worry)

Imagine three years from now living a dream life – everything is different. 

We are here to create a safe and long-lasting way to move to the next level.

We help to create a new mindset and healthy behaviors aligned with goals and values.

The process is a transformational one that engages the life energy and the dynamic of the present moment in a client-coach relationship.

Please answer these questions:

What does having a better life mean to you?

 Is there an insatiable desire to go to the next level in life?

Do you understand the power to work with a coach on the journey of elevating life and practice?

Do you feel it is now your time?

If you answered with YES, then you are ready for a better life!




If you feel ready to take yourself toward wellbeing and wealth, we are here to support you!


  • Make a decision
  • Book your free session
  • Commit to change
  • Celebrate Yourself

Please book your free 30-minute session now!