we help lawyers to elevate toward wellbeing and wealth.

believe, prevent and enhancement


We help you to clarify where you/your law firm wants to go and how.

Law School prepared you for a job, we’ll take you higher and help you eLAWvate yourself and your practice.

“Good lawyers know that they can become an eLAWvated lawyer… we will  show you how!” 

Whether you are at a good place in your law business, planning to open your own law office, or ready to reinvent yourself, eLAWvation is your personal support  toward growth, achievement and greater love in your practice.

 The Unique Lawyer System (ULS) and our Products and services assist attorneys with their personal lives and practice. Law firm owners stand to double and even triple their business income through personal equilibrium. 



Do you think lawyers face many challenges?


Of course!  We all face challenges and lawyers are up against some big ones.

Studies show that mental health disorders can profoundly affect attorneys’ daily functioning. Irritability, obsessive thoughts, feelings of inadequacy, difficulty concentrating, fear, sleep disturbances, heart palpitations, fatigue, and muscle tension are all side effects of mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Many attorneys respond by withdrawing, burying themselves in work, or engaging in unhealthy coping behaviors, such as self-medication through drugs and alcohol.


The innovative PROGRAMS that makeup eLAWvation are proven to prevent burn out, as well as reduce anxiety and depression in the lives of lawyers.  

The most efficient, proven, way of changing behavior and negative patterns is through repetition.

By implementing the new, healthy repetitive practices rooted in our programs, such as mindfulness, meditation and implementing healthy behavior patterns, you can reduce stress and anxiety, for a healthier and happier you.

What challenges do lawyers face when they start their own business?

What about those currently working for a law firm but are ready to open their own?

How about lawyers who are already successful but still feel like there’s something missing in their life? 

Maybe they are stuck at a certain financial level or struggling to find the best way to communicate with their clients and collaborators.  Or, maybe they are feeling low energy and unable to clearly visualize the next step.

What do you think about these important questions?

We found the answers to these questions because we went through them.

We’ve seen the light and we are here to guide you to true well-being and wealth in the legal profession.

… last but not least,

What about the lawyer’s family?

We can help a lawyer’s family members to better understand the mindset of a lawyer.
To bring more harmony to family life.

How do you manage your worries and find clarity?

For many of our colleagues, the answer is, “it’s hard to manage,” or ” I need help.” 

Many lawyers feel little to no support at the beginning of their careers and place their focus on securing clients and results.

Few take the time to clearly establish what their goals are, how to realistically achieve them, and the steps necessary for success.

We help you with this.

ULS – an innovative system that eLAWvates lawyers to their greatest potential. 

Comprised of 4 modules each with 5 clear lessons, ULS works with you to grow and love your practice, achieving your goals.

If you want to take it to the next level, you need to find people who not only support your vision but also know how to turn your goals into reality. 

We are glad you made it here and can start NOW by joining a network of attorneys who really want to make a difference!

eLAWvate yourselfyour law practice, and experience excellence with the Unique Lawyer System today.

Why Don’t You Love Your Practice Anymore

Do you have a big desire to, once again, love your life and practice?
Have you stressed over arriving where you are and feel overwhelmed and confused about how to move forward?
Are you seeking a solution that’s true to your own voice and values?

Well, these 5 secrets are for you! In 5 simple steps, we are going to show you how to love again what you are doing. eLAWvation will take you higher and help you eLAWvate yourself and your practice!

Let’s get started!

I have read the pages of More than a Lawyer with an ecstatic delight as I have discovered these two outstanding ladies who dare to pioneer a project bound to change the paradigm of the law professionals and not only. I wish to thank them here for all that meant the conception of this book, and I wish to reassure them that their voices deserve to be heard by as many persons as possible. 

Catalina Popi - Attorney

Excellent work. The unique Lawyer System provides invaluable insight into the private practice of law.
More than a Lawyer is a must-read book for both the seasoned practitioner and the interested layperson who may find him or herself entering the field.
I highly recommend this book!
Jeffrey Aaron Cohen - Esq. Attorney

Andreea and Alina, although identical twins are very different from each other. They want to make a difference. Their book has wide implications, not just limited to the legal industry. It is a thought-provoking book. It focuses on being human. It emphasizes relationships. I think that all lawyers should read More than a Lawyer.

C. Keila Nakasaka - Esq. Attorney Beverly Hills, California

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