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Coaching for lawyers, Coaching for Law Firms, Webinars, Workshops, Business Consulting.

We help you to clarify where you/your law firm wants to go and how.

Law School prepared you for a job, we’ll take you higher and help you eLAWvate yourself and your practice.

“Good lawyers know that they can become an eLAWvated lawyer… we will  show you how!” 

Whether you are at a good place in your law business, planning to open your own law office, or ready to reinvent yourself, eLAWvation is your personal support  toward growth, achievement and greater love in your practice.

 The Unique Lawyer System (ULS) and our Products and services assist attorneys with their personal lives and practice. Law firm owners stand to double and even triple their business income through personal equilibrium. 


Through this webinar, attendees will learn practical strategies for advancing their careers, building their networks, and overcoming barriers to success. They will also gain insights into the latest trends and innovations in the legal field, and learn how they can position themselves to take advantage of new opportunities.

This webinar will also provide opportunities for networking and community-building, allowing participants to connect with other women lawyers who share their commitment to prioritizing self-care and creating a more supportive and inclusive legal profession.

Whether you are a law student, a seasoned attorney, or anyone interested in the legal field, “Creating Space for Yourself: Daily Routines, Relationships, and a Healthy Lifestyle for Women Lawyers” is an essential event for anyone looking to prioritize their own self-care and create a more balanced and fulfilling life. 



Do you think lawyers face many challenges?

Of course!  We all face challenges and lawyers are up against some big ones.

That’s why we’ve created special courses for them.

How do you manage your worries and find clarity?

For many lawyers, the answer is, “it’s hard to manage,” or ” I need help.”

Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall health and wellbeing, and this is especially true for lawyers who face unique challenges in their profession. The legal profession can be stressful, demanding, and competitive, which can take a toll on mental health if not managed properly.

Seeking support for your wellbeing and mental health can be a crucial step in managing and overcoming mental health challenges.

Few take the time to clearly establish what their goals are, how to realistically achieve them, and the steps necessary for success.



Remember, small changes can make a big difference when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Start by making small changes and gradually incorporating healthier habits into your daily routine.

Overall, maintaining healthy habits is crucial for professional success and well-being. It is important to make time for self-care and prioritize your health to ensure that you can perform your career to the best of your abilities and lead a fulfilling professional life.

Are You Ready to Succeed?


Clarify your goals: A coach can help you identify your professional goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

Develop skills: A coach can provide guidance and support in developing specific skills needed for startup law, such as negotiating deals or advising on intellectual property matters.

Build confidence: Starting a new career can be challenging, but a coach can help you build confidence in your abilities and provide support and encouragement along the way.

Improve time management: A coach can help you prioritize tasks and develop effective time management skills, which are critical in a fast-paced startup environment.

When selecting a coach, look for someone who has experience in startup law and a track record of success in coaching lawyers. You may also want to consider a coach who specializes in coaching lawyers and has a background in the legal profession like us. We have more than 20 years experience in tha law field. With the right coach, you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to build a successful career in startup law.



I have read the pages of More than a Lawyer with an ecstatic delight as I have discovered these two outstanding ladies who dare to pioneer a project bound to change the paradigm of the law professionals and not only. I wish to thank them here for all that meant the conception of this book, and I wish to reassure them that their voices deserve to be heard by as many persons as possible. 

Catalina Popi - Attorney

Excellent work. The unique Lawyer System provides invaluable insight into the private practice of law.
More than a Lawyer is a must-read book for both the seasoned practitioner and the interested layperson who may find him or herself entering the field.
I highly recommend this book!
Jeffrey Aaron Cohen - Esq. Attorney

Andreea and Alina, although identical twins are very different from each other. They want to make a difference. Their book has wide implications, not just limited to the legal industry. It is a thought-provoking book. It focuses on being human. It emphasizes relationships. I think that all lawyers should read More than a Lawyer.

C. Keila Nakasaka - Esq. Attorney Beverly Hills, California