Stress is aggressive among lawyers.

by | Jul 7, 2020

Studies show that people who process thoughts more often, through the left half of their prefrontal cortex, tend to have more positive emotions. At the same time, processing on the right side is more sensitive to criticism and less able to handle negative emotions.

Brain retraining can be done both by physical means and by adequately engaging the mind. It would help if you thought about stress reduction techniques with brain exercises. These exercises can save a lawyers life, and career, from a sadly premature end.

Stress is aggressive among lawyers. Out of 105 occupations, lawyers are in the foreground with most reports of stress followed by depression. This statistic can also play a disproportionate role for lawyers who commit suicide, and the average rate of alcohol abuse among lawyers is 18 percent versus 10 percent in other professions.

Law firms need a different approach to stress and depression issues, which is a risk management concern to reduce the chances of losing clients because the causes are neglected. Lawyers should recognize patterns of stress and depression among their colleagues and approach the suffering lawyer with compassion and concern.

Two things cause stress. First of all, the way you think and perceive the situations around you. Secondly, the way your body reacts to the thought processes. It depends on each responding to the stress caused by unexpected circumstances, either fighting to fight or giving up!

The state of stress is felt when we feel we cannot cope with the pressure. Pressure comes in many forms and triggers physiological reactions. These changes are best described as a frizz, flight or fight.

Methods of eliminating stress: breathing exercises, sports, yoga, and nutrition are the simplest methods of stress relief. These methods are not only useful but easily accessible – and without side effects. Foods with many vitamins and high levels of minerals actively help reduce stress levels.

Certain foods and beverages can aggravate stress. This does not necessarily mean that you should avoid some of them altogether, consume them sparingly.

Foods and drinks that can trigger and exacerbate stress include:

tea, coffee, cocoa, energy drinks, fast food, butter, cheese, meat, crustaceans, sugar, alcohol, soda, soft drinks, chocolate drinks, almonds, macadamia nuts (and other nuts), coconut oil.

Tea and caffeine, coffee, cocoa, and energy drinks should be the most avoided. They may be stimulating for someone tired, but they also contain neuro-stimulants, such as caffeine and theobromine, which are proven to increase stress. Stress makes you impatient – further stimulation can intensify this anxiety and even cause insomnia.

Junk food and takeout are always delicious, but they are far from a balanced and healthy diet. They contain high levels of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, which can cause stress. They do not contain much needed vital minerals and vitamins.

Stress reduction is most easily achieved through a proper balance between vitamins and minerals, so it is highly recommended to avoid all fast foods and takeouts.

Soft drinks, such as calorie-dense drinks, are useless and do not contain vitamins or minerals. When carbon dioxide accumulates and lactates in the body it can lead to a condition called “acidosis,” which is harmful to your health. High levels of carbon dioxide in beverages aggravate stress, so soft drinks should be considered entirely unnecessary in a stress-free diet. Sugar should be avoided where possible – stress causes an increase in blood glucose levels, which in turn can lead to an increased risk of developing diabetes.

Foods that are good to help reduce stress:

water, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, soups, yogurt, herbal products.

Fresh fruits and vegetables offer a range of vitamins and minerals, which are great for reducing stress. Herbs also have a high fiber content, which helps treat constipation – another effect of stress.

Fish such as mackerel contain omega fatty acids, which are extremely good for the heart and can protect you from heart disease. Fish also contains choline – very good for memory.

Yogurt provides minerals, including calcium, essential to maintain the proper functioning of nerve impulses. Calcium also contains Lactobacillus, which is vital for maintaining healthy intestinal flora (microorganisms that help you digest food properly). Herbal elements such as Dandelion, chamomile and passiflora will relax both body and mind. To keep stress to a minimum, establish a balanced diet.

Although these foods are recommended, each person is different, and the tastes are therefore different. It is also essential to choose healthy foods that which you will enjoy. It is good to prevent stress through healthy nutrition to prepare the body for any future stressful events.

When you are stressed, it is important to consume all the essential nutrients for the body to function effectively. You can find these nutrients in a wide variety of foods.

Vitamins B: There are several types of vitamin B; each type is essential. Vitamin B can be found in foods such as seaweed and citrus fruit. Proteins and iron: Meat, eggs, seeds, nuts, etc. Vitamin A: cheese, eggs, fish with oil, milk, etc. Vitamin C: Fruits (apples, bananas, oranges, etc) Magnesium: vegetables with green leaves (for example cabbage), fish, meat and dairy products.

There are seven significant aspects of the stress defense system.

1. Balanced diet – regular meals and snacks

2. Adopting a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals

3. Avoid certain unnecessary foods

4. Grow a nutrient-rich immune system

5. Daily movement and breathing

6. Positive thinking

7. Rest/Relaxation * mind and body *

If you do not have balanced nutrition, the body will use it’s resources from reserves that should not be reached.

This lack of resources will lead to decreased defensive power of the body, which can make the person more prone to diseases and an increased risk of stress.


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