Your level of wellbeing can affect your level of wealth. 

by | May 8, 2020

Your level of wellbeing can affect your level of wealth. Wealth means being able to spend your time, in the way you choose, in an ecological way, of course. Find smart and sustainable solutions that guide you to a wealthy lifestyle and enjoy life more. 

The new wealth is related to a state of wellbeing. There is no such thing as real wealth without wellbeing. Do you want to feel wealthy? You want to find the best way of enjoying your work results and work less for more? Our wealth programs will help you to find the best solution and the best mindset for true wealth. We are connected with the best solution for you to feel secure and wealthy. 

The five secrets of wealth are:

1. make money

2. save money

3. share money

4. enjoy money

5. become educated about money. 

 1. Making money, I’m sure, is what you always wanted when you decided to become a lawyer. The stigma of lawyers in our society is that lawyers make so much money. But today, this is not true for many lawyers. A lot of lawyers need other work to pay bills. In the future, it will be worse because lawyers would be replaced by robots and futuristic software that can resolve the necessary work of lawyers. Already, today, clients can go online and have law services at very low prices. So making a lot of money as a lawyer today is not that easy.

2 Save money. Let’s say you are making money. How many frustrated lawyers do you know that don’t want to save money? Take care of your money. Put your money in other businesses. Choose to secure wisely.

3.Share money. There are numerous universal laws that say,10% of your cash should go to charity. For many of you, this could be more or less depending on your income and needs. They say the best form of satisfaction comes from giving rather than receiving. Based on Maslow’s needs, Pyramid contribution is the second need of human beings. Share part of your income, helping a charitable foundation or others.We will create programs related to a foundation where lawyers like you can share and be part of a community with the same values.

4 .Enjoy Money. How many lawyers do you know that work so hard they never take time to enjoy their profits? Enjoying your money is that sense of satisfaction of living a life in the style you wish. Many people like to spend money going on vacations and staying in luxurious hotels and places around the world. Others like spending money taking retreats where they invest in themselves. Investing in yourself is the most substantial investment.  Others like to spend money on cars or expensive luxury brands. There are many needs that satisfy different people in different stages of life.

Be educated about money. Being financially educated is the highest form of wealthiness. Make sure you plan well with your money, your tax plans, and your investments. We will have our affiliations with the best financial advisors and educators.

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